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“What would your life look like, without your stories, judgments and beliefs?”

Amanae Bodywork

Amanae bodywork is a powerful healing modality to clear and release blocked energies in your bodies. In my experience, Amanae is one of the most effective healing modalities around and a highway to more self awareness and personal freedom.

It combines deep tissue work, breath awareness and energetic presence to enter into the deepest blocks of stalled energy, stuck life patterns and past trauma. It removes shadows, allowing you to shine your light in full.

The person receiving Amanae work lies on a massage table. By applying pressure on certain points on the body (doorways), the Practitioner brings the blockage to the surface of your consciousness and supports and guides you to enter into the block, to feel the original emotion, and to let it go.

The work opens up energy channels in the body and allows your own true essence to move through, clearing away the old patterns, thoughts and traumas and allowing you the freedom to feel, to be, and to experience the unlimited being that you are. The result is a deep transformation and intense release at the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

In Amanae we believe YOU are the healer. With your breath and your willingness you can release what is held and allow your authentic divine self to be realized.

Amanae is extremely effective for those who wish to:

  • Shift old destructive patterns
  • Change/Let go of negative belief systems
  • Release pain & struggle from the body
  • Rediscover purpose and joy in life

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More information on Amanae, program and workshops across Europe can be found here.